Monday, March 31, 2008

The Rural Alberta Advantage w/ Camaromance @ the Alex P. Keaton - Mar. 30.2008

I managed to catch the Rural Alberta Advantage and a good portion of Camaromance at the Alex P. Keaton last night. The show was a really great way to close out what was a pretty busy (unblog related, and unfortunately, un-college basketball related) weekend.

Going into the show I had heard a few songs by the RAA (enough to get me to try and convince Liz to come along), and after seeing them I continued to be impressed with their stuff. The best description I can give (better descriptions exist here and here) is kind of a Cuff the Duke/Boy-Girl/Band with outstanding percussion and Sufjan Stevens-esque subject matter (Alberta, duh).

I am in process of digesting their full-length debut, Hometowns, and am hoping to have a review up next week-ish. The album is available through their myspace.

Now, here's a video, terrible quality (terrible lighting, the sound is pretty decent), but gives you the idea that the RAA are really worth seeing.

The Rural Alberta Advantage "Goodnight"

[mp3] The Ballad Of The RAA

We got to the Keaton late, so, unfortunately only got a few songs of Camaromance, but I enjoyed what I did hear, and Liz liked her a lot also. I'm hoping to get a hold of more of her stuff to get a better sense of her work.

The Black Hat Brigade EP tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Excessive percussion does not equal outstanding percussion. I thought it was heavy and unnecessary - their sound was much better when it was balanced.