Monday, March 10, 2008

Patrick Watson @ Le Trabendo March 10.08

I, like Rob, was not quick to warm to Close to Paradise or the zany style of Patrick Watson (which eventually made his Best of 2006 retrospective). After 4 years studying Humanities with long-haired, artistic, eccentric but ultimately very talented people, tonight felt like a long-awaited coming home.

With Patrick Watson every song is a journey, an adventure, sometimes into the terrible, sometimes the euphoric, sometimes the ephemeral, but always the unexpected. His falsetto voice is more layered and haunting when heard live and frankly very impressive.

There was little talking (though some giggling towards the end as more alcohol was consumed), rather the band used musical segues full of distortion and reverberation. And in general, the show was much more experimental than the album. I like to think of it as a metaphor of how beauty can emerge out of chaos and commotion (that could just be the Humanities talking).

'The Man Under the Sea' was sung from the piano bench in the middle of the crowd with an acoustic guitar, a xylophone and foot stomping for accompaniment. A complicit moment was had by all during the 'ooohs'. The band also came back for 3 encores, which is unprecedented (particularly because of the noise laws). These would be the highlights.

If you want to go and hear the live version of the album you will be disappointed by Patrick Watson. If, however, you want an experience in the unexpected than buy your ticket and appreciate every cent's worth of the ride.

Patrick Watson - 'Man Under the Sea (live)' August 2007

[mp3] Close to Paradise
[mp3] Luscious Life

The Polaris Prize winning Close to Paradise can be purchased at Secret City Records, among other places.

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